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Acrosage therapy uses basic acrobatic stunts on the patient with acupressure massage therapy while being suspended in the air. Although this technique is similar to Thai massage and Yoga, its inversion method makes it one of the most unique forms of massage therapy.

Developed and trademarked by a circus performer, this type of therapeutic massage has been gaining popularity in the past few years. Acrobat Benjamin Marantz in the 1980s discovered the healing effects of acrobatic postures mixed with massage therapy on key points of the body. Soon after his success with this technique on his fellow circus performers, he began his street performance of acrosage therapy and even started his own school.

Today, there are massage spas that offers this kind of service to its customers as a pleasurable and relaxing technique in massage therapy. The aim of this therapy is to spread the body of the patient without carrying any weight in the process. The other objective is to carefully manipulate and maneuver each part of the body while being massaged in an upside down posture.

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Unlike most massage therapy, this type of healing and body relaxing technique targets the positioning of the spine which carries almost all of the various parts of the human body. By correcting the spine, the other parts of the body can be simply manipulated in place. Decompression and alignment are the main goal when working on the spine of the client. This in return produces significant results which include a good posture, stress-free feeling, and relief from back and neck pain.

Aside from the spine, the hips, shoulders and even the neck are corrected and reset during acrosage sessions. The therapist evaluates and examines the condition of each areas of the patients body and works on improving their position to enhance the flexibility of each body part.

Inversion therapy has been around for a long period of time and has been used as a part of the medical care all around the world. However, most of these techniques are prone to the risk of having a rush of blood in the head. Acrosage though is different from these other techniques as it delivers quite amazing results without endangering the condition of its patient with the flow of blood. Massage therapist who are practicing this technique are well versed on how the nervous system of the human body flows. They are knowledgeable enough in knowing where to press and put pressure during the therapy to hold and control the flow of blood within the body.

Acrosage therapy should only be done by an experienced and licensed massage therapist to avoid injuries from happening. The risks and contradictions involving this technique should also be given great importance before any of its benefits and effects. The good thing about this type of massage therapy is that significant results can be achieved even only after the first session. The same thing goes for its risks as this type of treatment is quite risky as compared to the other types of therapeutic massage.

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