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Take all your preconceived groomsmen gift ideas and throw them out! Who comes up with this stuff? As a groom, or even as a man, do you really think that fancy cuff links, an engraved flask, or pocket knives are on your groomsmen top 1000 want list?

There must be a lot of wedding planners and wedding magazine editors that cuff link and money clip purveyors. Or maybe these are things that brides think that our groomsmen will like. Well grooms, it is time to take a stand, muster up some creativity, and come up with groomsmen gift ideas that really count. Here is an approach to use to get your creative juices flowing:

STEP 1: The first step toward selecting incredible gifts for groomsmen is to get out of your wedding planning haze and remember what you and other men your age actually:

Maybe it is girls, beer, sports, poker, cars, movies, chess, movies, money, video games, or music. Notice that cuff links are not listed. If they are on your list, stop reading now.

STEP 2: This second step is intended to steer your groomsmen gift ideas toward things that have true meaning.

What are the memories, experiences, events, tough times, great times, bonds that have caused you to choose these individuals as your groomsmen?

STEP 3: Tie these two lists together search for gift ideas that capture these two components. Use the internet to search using these terms to give you some ideas.

Take these three steps and factor in your budget and your gifts for groomsmen will be the talk of the rehearsal dinner!

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